A short walk from Tynny takes you down to ‘The Creek’, the idyllic estuary that stretches from the Four Mile Bridge out to Cymyran Bay. This a popular spot for crabbing, but be sure to take the crabs’ favourite, bacon! In the creek sits Rabbit Island, or Ynys Ias to give it it’s proper name, a popular spot for cliff-jumping both at high and low tide due to a deep pool that sits on its westerly side. There is rougly a 10m tidal range, meaning at low tide it is possible to walk across to the island, climb up to the top and enjoy views down the estuary and back across the fields to Tynny.


Another popular jaunt is Silver bay, which is part of the larger Cymyran Bay. It boasts a stunning sandy beach, rock pools, dunes and low rocky headlands as well as an old hill fort. Access from Tynny is about a 20-25 minute walk though farmland and what many children have names ‘The Pixie Forest’ which brings you out at the top of steps leading to the beach.